10 Best Ways To Reduce Phobia

Phobias are viewed as a natural and expected manifestation of an imbalance in the nervous system. Living with a phobia can be challenging. Even if the object does not appear in your daily life, you may find that a lot of your time is spent worrying that it may appear or figuring out how to avoid it. In fact, by definition, a phobia is something that interferes with your life. You have to face your fear and try to overcome. Try to keep calm in a situation when you feel afraid of something in particular. If you strive hard enough, then it is only a matter of time before you are able to drive any phobia out of your life. Here are 10 best ways to reduce phobia that might help you a lot.

1. Avoiding The Reason

There are some specific phobias that are fairly easy to avoid. Like acrophobia. If you feel afraid of heights then you can just avoid such places. It may take a little effort to avoid high places. Although some phobias like arachnophobia that is the fear of spiders can be difficult to avoid every time. A spider may appear from anywhere and anytime. In that case, you should stay calm and try to leave the place as soon as possible.

2. Breathing Technique

Breathing slowly is something that is too simple to do. When you feel fear of something then first breathe in through your nose for four seconds then hold it for another three seconds then slowly breathe out through your mouth for another four seconds. Continue this for some time. It will help reign in your thoughts while the slow, focused breathing lowers heart rate. You have to continue this until you get your bearings and try to return to normalcy.

3. Build Confidence

You should build your confidence because in social phobia the person who suffers is afraid of getting out and interacting with people. They should stop being afraid of social interaction. The other persons are also human beings like them. They also make mistakes. The victim should not over-think about that and try to build their confidence. The more they connect with people the more they will feel free. Gossiping with friends, family and neighbours will make them feel free and confident.

4. Research On The Topic & Get A Little Knowledge

If you are suffering from acrophobia then you must be afraid of mountains and any other high places. All you can do is research about that mountain or place, know the safety measures about it, or if anyone is afraid of flying then they can read about how the plane works or flies and find out about the safety measures. It is simply having a thorough knowledge about the thing that you are afraid of which will help you to feel more in control of the situation and lessen your fear. This same thing applies for pretty much all types of phobias.

5. Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

The worst part about phobias are physical reactions like the heart rate increasing, shallow breathing, pounding heart, shaking, dizziness etc. All this can make the anxiety worse. So you have to know some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or breathing from your abdomen, keeping your mind calm, accepting the reality that the object cannot harm you etc.

6. Help Of Medicines

If you are suffering from any severe phobia then you must consult a doctor. The doctor will prescribe you some medicines. That will help you.

7. Do Your Best To Push Away The Anxiety

If you are afraid of height, planes or spiders that does not mean that you should never fly or go hiking or venture into the woods ever again. You have to face the situation. You have to do it anyway. Let the anxiety come and then do your best to push the anxiety away. Do not let your anxiety or fear control you. You have to control them before they control you.

8. Partnership Method

If you are going to any situation that might scare you then you can take a partner with you. They will be there for you but not exactly with you. They will keep their eye on you from a certain distance. For example, if you are afraid of walking alone then you can tell your partner to walk a certain distance ahead of you and then wait for you to catch up. Gradually you will work up towards walking longer distances alone. By using this technique, this type of fear can be solved.

9. Valerian Root

Having enough sleep is very essential for working on mental disorders. If your phobia keeps you up at night then you may need to try this natural sedative. The valerian root has long been used as a natural sleep aid and to overcome any mental disorder. Lack of sleep can increase anxiety and worsen moods. You must take advice from your doctor before starting any supplement regimen.

10. Self-exposure Therapy

You can find primary support from your therapist and close ones. Many people find that simply speaking with someone who has been there making things a bit easier to handle. But this technique is for those people who do not have enough time or money for spending on fancy therapies. They simply can take it into their own hands. They can read books about this or can take online help. Basically, it is helping yourself with the help of you.

Feature Image Courtesy: Dean Hochman

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