10 Best Ideas On How To Spend Christmas In Kolkata

Christmas is a universal holiday. Most of the people across the world celebrate Christmas. Maybe their ways of doing so are different but they celebrate nevertheless with a lot of zest and enthusiasm. If you are looking for some ideas about what you should do on Christmas then you will find it of great assistance.

1. Visit Park Street

Park Street Christmas Carnival is well known in Kolkata. The festival is inaugurated on the 18th of December and will go on till the 2nd of January. More than 35 Food Stalls offering a variety of delicacies will be put up inside Allan Park and on the stretch of pavement between Flurys and Allan Park and the same on the opposite side. For the first time ever, the lighting on Park Street has been extended. The Lights which used to be lit up from Mullick Bazaar end till the Chowringhee end earlier will now extend all the way to St. Paul’s Cathedral church. During this carnival, the streets will be shut to traffic from afternoon onwards so it is preferable to have a short walk to the carnival. Make the most of this as its a once in a year experience that everybody enjoys, be it an infant or a child or a teen or a grown up.There is something for everybody here.


2. Make Different Types of Cakes

It’s a very common trend to make and eat and gift cakes during Christmas. You can buy them, or bake some cakes at your home. The aroma that comes from the oven during baking cake is just too good. You can make different kinds of cakes such as Wine cake, Fruitcake, Plumcake etc. These particular cakes are representative of Christmas and look great on the dinner table or at a picnic too.

3. Get A Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is probably one of the most significant symbols of Christmas. You get all sizes of Christmas trees in New Market from 6 inches to several feet tall. Nowadays, your local grocery store may be stocking them as well. You can swipe golden ribbons across the tree that twinkle with the lights or use some snow dust to bring the snowy feel of winter, and you can also decorate the tree with various colourful lights and small sparkling balls. and on one branch hang a sock on the tree. the whole experience would be a real connect with the true Christmas spirit.

4. Dine At A Good Restaurant

There are several restaurants in the Park Street area such as Barbeque Nation, Marco Polo, Shiraz Golden Restaurant, Khandani Rajdhani, Arsalan, Oly pub, Flavours of China, The Bridge, The Park Pavilion, Carpe Diem and many more and each and every one of them is buzzing with activity and excitement on Christmas. you can go there with your friends and family and enjoy a fabulous and delicious Christmas.

5. Visit The New Market Christmas Section

The December month always has a combination of festive and holiday mood. As we all know, every festival is incomplete without shopping. New Market sees a huge footfall of shoppers all year round especially if there is a festival coming up. No matter how rich or poor you are, New Market has all you need under one roof! It is actually pocket-friendly. and in the Christmas season, they have so many different kinds of Christmas decoration accessories, Christmas trees and also dresses, shoes and gifts. You can simply find whatever you want from here.

6. Visit Bow Barracks

If you ever visit Bow Barracks in late December, then you definitely know that it is not less than Park Street Christmas Carnival. On Christmas, this street fills with lights and decorations and looks most beautiful. Bow Barracks is a locality in central Kolkata region, just behind the Bowbazar police station, off Central Avenue. Here, you will find a small hub of mostly Anglo-Indian people who have lived here for generations. The striking red buildings of bow barracks are home to more than a hundred families. This place is usually silent but in the week leading upto Christmas, it fills up with many people and their joyful activities.

7. Attend A Christmas Party

You can simply go to any Pub or Club on Chrismas but if do not want to go then you can just throw a party at your place and invite some friends and family, decorate with lights and a Christmas tree, bring some delicious foods and drinks and enjoy your evening. So, party on dudes!

8. Give Gifts To Near & Dear Ones

For the kids, the best thing on Christmas is receiving gifts from Santa Clause. You can simply be your kid’s Santa and give them a gift. Or you can also give gifts to your near and dear ones. Your gift will definitely make their Christmas more special and by seeing their happiness you will feel special too.

9. Midnight Mass At St Paul’s Cathedral

Midnight mass is one of the most dramatic services as a procession moves from darkness to light. Words and music focus on the Advent theme of ‘Light in the Darkness’, hope in despair, and a new relationship with God in Christ. St Paul’s Cathedral is a must-visit for those who seek enriching historical, architectural, cultural and ofcourse spiritual pleasure. Right in the middle of the busy buzzing metro city, this colossal structure reminds you of the colonial times and takes you down the lane of history, while giving you inner peace at the ceremony. Give it a try…


10. Drive On The Parama Island Flyover (Maa Flyover)

The Maa flyover is a 4.5 km long flyover, The total length of the flyover, including the ramps, is 9.2 km. It is built along the Park Circus connector and connects E.M. Bypass with Park Circus 7 point crossing. This flyover is beautifully decorated and well maintained by KMC. This flyover is decorated with blue and white lights. Take a drive through this flyover at night time and feel like you are travelling in some foreign country.


Featured image courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mark-gunn/

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