Travel India: 10 Best Places to Visit in Goa, #3 is a MUST

Image courtesy: Ruben Alexander. 

Goa is not the place you visit once and cross off from your rundown. After the 1st visit it turns into an inclination and after the 2nd, a tradition! The Portuguese gift on the soil of India has such huge numbers of enchanting worlds that even the most seasoned explorers can’t make the best of their Goan holiday in one go. However, when in Goa, do as the Goans do. Here is a rundown of must-do activities that will redefine your outing to Goa.

1. Utorda Beach and Arossim Beach

An ideal day at the beach…

It needs to begin with beaches! While beaches in North Goa take the spotlight, South Goa beaches are less crowded. We assign Utorda Beach and the Arossim Beach, quite close to the Majorda town, for the South Goa best beach award. For the North, Calangute, Baga and Anjuna pack the ‘general population’s decision award’! Water activities on these beaches include stream skiing (water bike as we probably know it), parasailing (the view from the top at best is justified, despite all the trouble), scuba diving (the glimmering undersea life makes up for the missing corals) and tumbling from a banana pontoon (most adventurous of the whole package). To influence the best of your beach involvement, book yourself a room in outstanding resorts in North Goa.


2. Ponda

Visit a flavour ranch in Goa!

No, it’s not what you thought truly! we are talking about going by the Spice Plantation in the Ponda range called Sahakari Flavor Estate and the nostrils you have will surely reaffirm the reason Europeans arrived in India! This biggest flavour ranch of the locale gives you a chance to cull and taste pepper, chomp a Peri (most smoking chillies of the world), bathe in the middle of an ‘elephant shower’ and devour the traditional Goanese lunch cooked with cultivating flavours.


  • The place is visited by many for the Flavour Gardens ranches.

3. Panjim

Acclaimed for the design, Goan holy places are justified regardless of a visit.

In Panjim, history wakes up. This is Old Goa, the state capital for most of three centuries and known as the ‘Rome of the East’. The cavalcades of holy places, religious communities, museums, workmanship exhibitions, government buildings, cottages and pastry shops together make it intense to propose what to find in South Goa. However, Basilica of Bom Jesus (for its building brilliance) and Sé de Santa Catarina (biggest church in Old Goa) are the most visited ones.


  • Old Goa is right now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary in Goa? Truly, it’s valid! Truly, Goa has a wildlife substantially more energizing than the nightlife! The Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary have creatures such as the sloth bear, the panther, mouse deer and not to forget the yapping deer. Then there happen to be birds of 200 types that include the awesome Indian Black Woodpecker, Paradise Flycatcher, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Emerald Dove, Fairy Bluebird  and  the Kingfisher.


  • This quiet sanctuary on the hills of Western Ghats can be visited from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days.

5. Ingo Market

Shop till you drop at the energetic markets! There was a time in recent days when a German with the name of Ingo built up this brand new market. It is generally known as the Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar. The market which is in Arpora, is open for around half a year in around winter months as well as introduces a blend of junk gems, imported T-shirts, radical merchandise, Indian and worldwide cooking from Rajasthan and Kashmir to Turkey, Spain and whatever remains of Europe!


  • For non-shoppers, Daniel’s Bar often presents a DJ playing there, for the market.

6. Grand Island

Take a dolphin cruise in Goa towards the evening. The dolphins are a way preferred sight in actuality over others on Animal Planet! A dolphin cruise in Goa is therefore energizing for the old and the youthful alike. Dolphins pepping out of the ocean around your vessel in an agile movement is best savored by the eye and saved by the camera.


  • These dolphin cruise trips are flanked with the day-long voyage through the Grand Island, and that is ideal for a serene excursion.

7. Archaeological Museum of Old Goa

While ‘museum’ is a dull word for a few, it has another significance in Goa. An assembly of Hindu ancient rarities in a Portuguese-cum-provincial setup with stories of two worlds makes these museums very different than our typical observation. For example, The Archeological Museum of Old Goa exhibits some of the Hindu relics as well as bronze statues of 2 well known Portuguese men set amidst the hearty Portuguese design.


  • There are numerous more museums worth going to in Old Goa, like The Naval Aviation Museum and Institute Menezes Braganza.

8. Panjim Restaurants

Everybody cherishes the food at Mum’s Kitchen! This eatery in Panjim, which also happens to be Goa’s capital, offers Goan and Portuguese cooking in a finger-licking blend. The rawa mussel broil is fiery and delicious. One good thing about Mum’s Kitchen is the assortment of vegetarian dishes on the menu.


  • After a tasty dinner, head to the downtown zone to get keepsakes like cashews and footwear, and appreciate a pleasant evening’s rest at one of the lodgings in Panjim.

9. Majorda

Attempt the seafood at Martin’s Corner! Close to Majorda is Betalbatim, in South Goa, a little town with a popular restaurant, that is called Martin’s Corner. This happens to be Sachin Tendulkar’s most loved restaurant(need we say more?). Here the food is legendary. Prawn vindaloo, Lord crabs and garlic chicken that is mixed with sauces and flavors, all fire up the hunger pangs. These are a portion of the reasons why big names, local people and sightseers run to Martin’s Corner.


  • In Martin’s Corner, a dinner for two expenses around Rs. 600.

10. Baga Beach

Towards the start of Baga Beach is situated the St. Anthony’s Bar and Restaurant. When the sun sets, this place dazzles up incrementally. Picture this, tables with candle-lights and beach seats by the water with unrecorded music or karaoke exhibitions out of sight. Another attraction at St. Anthony’s happens to be the flavored hookah that can get more grounded and funnier with the vodka inside!


  • Just by the side to the St. Anthony happens to exist the Britto’s, another eatery famed for food and administration.

The true essence of Goa lies in these places. On your holiday trip to Goa, you will find that the kind of beauty that every corner of this city possesses, makes it completely different from any other place of India. The true serenity and simplicity bestowed upon this place brings a sense of ease and comfort. This makes the place a standout.

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