Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Unexplored Tourist Destinations in Manipur


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Manipur is located in the North East region of India. There are various different types of languages been spoken in the Manipur state. The state has some of the very nice blue hills comprising of many of the attractive tourists spots. One can even see some of the fantastic bazaar in few parts of Manipur. There are many such awesome tourists destination in Manipur. It would be really very interesting to see some more places in Manipur which is visited by the tourists. Let us now see some of the 10 unexplored tourist destinations in Manipur:

1. Kangla Fort

Kangla Fort is one of the important historical sites to be watched in the Manipur. This was actually the fort of King Pakhangba. In old Meitei, the meaning of the word Kangla is “dry land”. This happens to be a very attractive fort in the Manipur. The architecture of the fort really stuns many of the tourists. The Kangla Fort is really a worth visiting fort for the tourists.


  • The fort is also called as “Palace of Kangla”
  • The fort was earlier not available for public viewing, now it has been opened for the public viewing

2. Govindajee Temple

The Govindajee Temple in the Manipur is the temple of Lord Krishna and Balaram. This temple is very beautiful with the large hall in the middle and two domes, makes this temple very attractive. The front entrance of the temple directly takes the devotees to the statues of Lord. Many of the devotees visit this temple on special occasions with full devotion.


  • The temple was built by the rulers of Manipur in 1846 AD
  • The temple is built with the red bricks

3. Shaheed Minar

The Shaheed Minar is located at the Bir Tikendrajeet Park. The Shaheed Minar recalls the memories of the great freedom fighters. The tower of Shaheed Minar looks really very attractive. Many of the tourists do visit this place with great enthusiasm. This tower can be easily seen from a long distance.


  • The Shaheed Minar is 11 meter tall tower
  • The administration has given several facilities for the tourists visiting here

4. Langthabal

The Langthabal is an historically important place in the Manipur. This place has various different temples which attracts many of the tourists visiting in Manipur. The palace built here is having some very good architecture. The palace shows the old beauty palace located in Manipur.


  • This place is very near from highway making it simple to reach here
  • The number of tourist visiting this place has increased last few years

5. Imphal Valley

The Imphal valley is one of the very hot destination for the tourist visiting here. The view of this valley from the top is really very panoramic. The attractive swamps and lakes really mesmerizes many of the tourists visiting here. Many of the rivers are flowing through Imphal valley. This old ancient city of Imphal has really got very significance from the tourism point of view.


  • The rivers flowing here includes Imphal river, Thoubal River, Iril, Sekmai river
  • Almost more than 60% of total population of Manipur resides in Imphal valley

6. Bishnupur

The name Bishnupur is derived from the Vishnu temple situated here. The temple is situated beautifully near the lake Loktak. The Vishnu temple built here attracts many of the tourists coming in Manipur. This place is pleasant which can really makes you feel calm and relaxed. The tourist really enjoy visiting this place.


  • In World War II a massive battle was fought here between Japanese and Britishers
  • During the festival season there are many of the devotees visiting this place

7. Moirang

The Moirang is one of the culturally rich place in the Manipur. You can see here some of the local dances done very beautifully here. The tourists should definitely visit this place where you can really experience a warm welcome from the local people. The Keibul Lamjao National Park is also an amazing park which is liked by many of the tourists.


  • The popular dance of Manipur named “Khamba Thoibi” dance is performed largely here
  • The bronze statue of Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose is another attractive place

8. Kakching

The Kakching happens to be the most agriculturally developed place. This place is very awesome with some of the amazing temples which attracts many of the tourists all over. There are many of the events been conducted here on the occasions of festival. The boat race is very awesome and fantastic. Many tourist visit this place.


  • The Krinachandra Mandir, Narasinha Mandir and Vishwanath Mandir is very famous here
  • The Sekmai river is an attractive river which is visited by many tourists

9. The Lord Krishna Temple

As the name suggests, this name is dedicated to the Lord Krishna. This is indeed the most popular temple in the Manipur. The people from most parts of Manipur do visit the temple. The temple has a very good architecture. The temple has a very good gold plated domes, a congregation hall. The tourist really get a pleasant experience once they visit this Lord Krishna temple.


  • In 1846, the temple was originally built and in 1876, it was rebuilt again
  • In morning and evening hours the daily worship is regularly done

10. Khwairamband Bazar

The Khwairamband Bazar is one of the very big Bazar in the Manipur. One can easily get various items here like fruits, vegetables, variety of clothes and most of the necessary things. The tourist should surely visit this Bazar and have a nice shopping here. The main feature of this market is that it is owned and manged by women. Many of the tourists visit this Bazar.


  • This market is also called as “Women Market” as only women are allowed to sell the products here
  • The costs of the products are very affordable in this Bazar

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