Travel India: 10 Interesting Facts about the Monsoon in India, #2 is Crucial for your Travel Plans

Rainy Day

Image courtesy: Topu Saha

The Monsoons are welcomed very warmly in India. The days before monsoons are very hot due to the scorching heat in the summer season. Be it a human, animal or plants, every individual awaits for the monsoon very eagerly in India. In India, the monsoon rainfall mostly occurs between the months of June to September. It is the monsoon which brings the calmness, coolness and water in the environment. The nature looks very beautiful during the monsoon in India. There are some of the interesting things regarding the monsoon in India. Let us see some of the 10 things to know about the Monsoon in India:

1. Heavy Downpour

The rains in India are very amazing. One needs to understand that sometimes it may run lightly, sometimes in medium way or sometimes it may run very heavily. Many a times it has been found that the rain downpour were very heavy in different parts of India. So, one needs to follow the whether forecast while going long distance.


  • The regions like western coastal region and North East India receives heavy rainfall
  • Sometimes heavy downpour has created floods in the low lying areas

2. Starts around first week of June

The months from March to May are very hot in India, due to the summer season. The hot season causes great problems to people and there is acute shortage of water in many parts of India. Everybody covets for the monsoon and it is mostly in the month June that the monsoon arrives in Indian mainland. The month of June brings much pleasure in the atmosphere.


  • The monsoon first arrives in the Kerala state in India and then arrives in other parts of India
  • Sometime the monsoon even arrives a little sooner or later in India

3. Important for agriculture

When we talk regarding the monsoon in India, it is the farmers in India who covets tremendously for arrival of monsoon. Many a regions in India is having poor irrigation facilities. So the farmers in India depend greatly on the monsoon in India. On the arrival of monsoon, the agricultural activities are started immediately.


  • Agriculture in the main occupation of the people in India
  • In many regions in India, there are rituals and traditions which are done for fast arrival of monsoon

4. Sudden Cloud Build Up

Once the monsoon arrives in India, it remains for three to four months continuously. One needs to know that it is not possible for anyone to predict the arrival of rains on any of the day. The cloud build up for rains, is very fast. Many a times one can easily see that it may be a dry shiny day in the morning and it may rain heavily in the afternoon. So, preparation for monsoon is very necessary.


  • Many of the people go out unprepared for monsoon due to initial climate
  • The prediction of meteorological department regarding rains in very uncertain

5. Creates many picnic spots

Apart from making the atmosphere enchanting, the monsoon also creates many of the picnic spots in India. One can easily see many places in India, flooded by the visitors in the monsoon season. One can easily see many of the mesmerizing waterfalls which easily allures the tourists here. The people have many of the enjoyable moments in these picnic spots during monsoon in India.


  • The places like Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal and North East India has many of the amazing picnic spots in monsoon season
  • Many of the places have become big monsoon picnic spots in India

6. Flooding

Whenever it rains heavily in any region of India, some of the regions easily experiences flooding. The flooding usually occurs in the low lying areas and the areas nearby coastal areas. The regions in North India have experienced flooding due to heavy rains. The low lying areas and the huge rivers also creates heavy flooding. The flooding disrupts the life of many people.


  • The city like Mumbai has also experienced heavy flooding due to huge rainfall as it is nearby the coastal areas
  • The regions nearby the river have experienced the rainfall very frequently

7. Uncertainty

The monsoon rainfall is very uncertain in India. It is very difficult for anyone to detect the arrival of rains and the quantity of rain. The meteorological department predictions have also been wrong many a times regarding the rains. One needs to be extra careful while stepping out of home when it rains heavily. If a person goes unprepared in rains they may face difficult situation.


  • Many of the people are advice to take full care during the monsoon by the administration
  • The city like Mumbai has experienced uncertainty of rainfall on many occasions

8. Creates great atmosphere

The monsoon brings great coolness in the atmosphere in India after the hot months in the summer season. The monsoon simply changes the whole atmosphere around. One can see some of the wonderful green lush mountains and the small grasses around everywhere. The humans, animals and plants simply seems enchanting in the beautiful monsoon in India.


  • In summer season the temperature in some parts of India, also goes beyond 40 degree
  • Most of the schools in India have vacations in summer and the schools starts during the arrival of monsoon in India

9. Lightning

During the monsoon season in India, the lightning is very common. Although, the lightning may not be seen always while it is raining. However, sometimes the lightning is easily seen. One also needs to be careful whenever it is lightning, as heavy lightning causes damage.


  • It is advisable that one does not stand under trees when it is lightning as it may cause damage
  • The small children needs to be extra protected when it is lightning

10. Welcomed all over the country

The monsoon being the most awaited season in India, it is welcomed in all parts of India. The arrival of monsoon bring satisfaction to all the living being who are just having terrible situation during the summer. The monsoon cools the atmosphere, fills the wells, rivers, lakes and other sources of water. The monsoon simply makes the people of India happy.


  • Many of the people have great plans to travel in India during monsoon season
  • The satisfactory monsoon rainfall bring water all over the country

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