Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Things to avoid in Arunachal Pradesh

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The Arunachal Pradesh is one of the large states lying in the north-east of India. The state is also known as the “Orchid State of India”. This place is having some nice place to travel. Due to the natural beauties like mountains, valleys, rivers, etc. the tourists are heavily attracted to this place. The tourists really feels very calm and good in Arunachal Pradesh. However, the tourist should not do few things to avoid the problems and make their travel safe. Lets check some of the things to avoid in Arunachal Pradesh:

1. Travelling in bad weather

The state has many of the nice places to visit. However, sometimes here in Arunachal Pradesh there are a little heavy rains in some regions, which make very difficult for new people to travel. Also, the region experiences  fog in the morning time which really blurs the visibility. This may lead to unwanted accidents which can be fatal. So do avoid going out in bad weather.


  • The region in the mountains are very uncertain with respect to the weather
  • The rainfall in the mountainous areas is very high in some of the region

2. Staying in little-known hotels

There are few of the hotels to stay in the Arunachal Pradesh. Also, one cannot depend totally on a particular hotel. There are many of the hotels where you may not get the basic requirements properly like food, hot bathing water, electricity, etc. So, you should always take the prior information regarding the nice hotels, which can satisfy your basic requirements.


  • Beware of some of the hotels that may overcharge you
  • There are many of the nice and favourable hotels avalable for the tourists coming here

3. Travelling in unknown places

Arunachal Pradesh is a big state and there are many of the panoramic places which really lures the tourists to step outside for travelling. Many of the places are really very amazing which can really relax your mind while travelling. However, there are some of the tricky places which the tourist should avoid going as you may find the return path difficult. So, do travel in the known places only.


  • Some of the places are also dangerous as there are few robbers, who may rob you
  • The diffculty in understanding the local language may land you in trouble to have communication

4. Eating unknown food items

Most of the tourist come here in Arunachal Pradesh from a long distance. They may have their own eating habits. The food style in Arunachal Pradesh is a little different which some tourists may like or some may not like it. So, if you are unaware of the food in Arunachal Pradesh then better avoid eating it, instead of landing in any trouble. Eating the known food item is the best option.


  • Many of the tourists have a little difficulty in eating some of the local dishes here
  • Bamboo shoot fry, Poora Haah, Fish Stew, Rice beer, etc. are some of the states local dishes

5. Disrespecting the local culture

There are many of the different tribes of people in the Arunachal Pradesh. Each of the different tribe of people have different culture. So when you are in Arunachal Pradesh do respect the local culture, their cuisine, their dance, their rituals, etc. Never disrespect the local culture their, you may get in trouble. Always respect the local culture here.


  • Nyishi, Adi, Bengali, Monpa, Wancho are some of the languages spoken in Arunachal Pradesh
  • The local dance in Arunachal Pradesh is very attractive

6. Be careful of sudden rainfalls

The rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh is very uncertain. It may look a sunny day in the morning time and it may rain heavily in evening time. So, it is always on safer side that you carry an umbrella with you while travelling in Arunachal Pradesh. There were many of the occasions where the people have experienced heavy rainfall suddenly.


  • The umbrella shops are not found at every place, they are found only in the market places
  • The rains in Arunachal Pradesha are very pleasing

7. Keeping the hotel rooms unlocked

When you stay in some of the hotels while travelling in Arunachal Pradesh, you should be aware that all your luggage is safe. One must not blindly depend on the hotels where you stay as most of the hotels advice you to lock the rooms properly while going out. So, it is always advisable that you lock the rooms properly when you go out for the travelling, your luggage will be always safe there.


  • There were some of the incidents where the tourist had experienced the loss of luggage while travelling
  • Keep important things like Id proofs, ATM cards with you while travelling out

8. Keeping large cash amount

Do not keep large amount of cash with you when you are travelling. If by mistake you drop your wallet where you kept you’re cash or your wallet gets steal, then you may loose a big amount. So, do carry less cash and keep the necessary ATM card if in case you required big amount then be alert while you take out cash in the public places.


  • The ATM’s can be found only in the important places in the Arunachal Pradesh
  • Having more money while travelling is always better

9. Going without security assurance

Some of the North East Indian states like Arunachal Pradesh are a little disturb areas where occasional violence between military person and few outfits do happen. You never know as to what may happen next. At these event, the tourist do face heavy problems and they are totally unaware as to what to do next. So, before going to any place do have the proper security clearance.


  • India and China have some of the disputes related to the national boundaries in Arunachal Pradesh
  • The Indian Security forces have always given prior intimation,on the occasion of disturbances in few areas

10. Travelling on bumpy roads

There are some of the roads in Arunachal Pradesh which are well-built to travel with any vehicle. However, there are some of the roads which are not good for travelling. Here, you can find the holes, bumps and uneven roads. These roads makes the travelling a horrible experience. The miserable travelling really switch off the mood of people. The travelling will be better if it is done on a known well-built road.


  • Many of the travelers prefer the long nice road instead of short bumpy roads for travelling
  • The government has taken some of the steps to improve the condition of the roads here

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