Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Best Souvenirs To Buy In Assam


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Assam is the largest state in north-eastern India. This region is well-known for big mountains, rivers, gorges and many other natural beauties, which has attracted many tourists here. Apart from this, the tourists here are also attracted by the popular souvenirs available here. There are many things which the tourists like and buy from here. It will be interesting to see the souvenirs, which are really fantastic and worth buying. Let’s see the 10 best souvenirs to buy in Assam:

1. Tea



Assam Tea is well-known in India and across the whole world. Assam happens to be one of the few places in the world where tea is planted in the plains. The Assam tea has a very nice smell, as is nice in taste too. There are many local markets in Assam, where one can find tea leaves. Many of the tourists coming from outside definitely take these souvenirs with them.


  • The regions like Karbi, the southern Barak valley and the Cachar hills are the places in Assam which produce large amount of tea
  • Assam is the largest tea producing state in India

2. Pickles

The pickles in Assam and other North East states have a very nice taste. Most of these pickles are home-made. The tangy and spicy taste and originality is the main identity of these pickles. You can find many variants of these pickles. The only thing one needs to check while buying the pickles is the variant they like the most.


  • Most of the people in Assam includes pickles in their daily meal
  • Many of the pickle-loving tourists have a field day shopping here

3. Silk

The state produces one of the finest qualities of silk. The three main types of silk here are Muga, Pat and Eri silk. Muga silk is widely used in Assam and many of the traditional dresses are made out of it. The tourist coming here cannot afford to miss the beautiful silk clothes. Different dresses like sarees, kurtas are made from this silk.


  • Muga silk is made from the silkworm “Antheraea”
  • The silk found here is relatively expensive due to it better quality

4. Clothes




Clothes in Assam have a distinct identity. There are different types of clothes available in Assam. One can find fascinating stylish clothes in different shades of colour. The traditional attire Assam carries a distinct look, and is very nice. There are many markets in Assam where you can easily find such traditional clothes. Many people buy these clothes from Assam.


  • The traditional dress with the feathers of birds are loved by tourists
  • The clothes in Assamese market are relatively affordable

5. Singing Bowls


The singing bowls must have been heard of by many people. If not, still the tourists will definitely love this singing bowl. Some of these bowls are designed with mantras engraved on them and it is believed that it brings peace and happiness in life. This attractive piece is liked by many tourists coming here.


  • Once you rotate the handle of this bowl you can hear a calming sound
  • The price of these bowls varies according to size

6. Shawls

The shawls in Assam are really very fascinating. One can find shawls in all colours and sizes. Many tourists have a great fascination for shawls of Assam. The shades of these shawls look fantastic. These shawls can be seen in most of the markets here.


  • The shawls made with Eri silk are the best
  • The shawls in Assam are relatively costlier than other places

7. Ornaments

The tourists coming to Assam are also fascinated by the ornaments available here. One can find a variety of designs in Assam. The traditional designs of Assam have a distinct identity, which is liked by many. Some of the traditional ornaments are Sona, Long Keru and Jangphai. The craze of these ornaments in women can be seen at the jewellery shops.


  • There are some design patterns in Assam which are inspired by the floral and faunal diversity of Assam
  • These ornaments of Assam are found at very affordable prices

8. Handicrafts

Assam has a series of handicraft products, the state being full of wood, bamboo and various tribes who make these. One can easily find a variety of handicraft products here. There are plenty of craftsmen producing various handicraft products of excellent quality. The tourists coming here are amazed at the various handicraft products available.


  • Apart from the wood handicraft products, the metal-craft items and pottery are also fabulous
  • The culture of Assam is easily reflected in various handicraft items

9. Toys

Toys are one of the common souvenirs bought by tourists. The children are really amazed by the various toys here. There are various toys in Assam which are made in the traditional and ethnic way. The vehicle toys for boys and the dolls with the bridal dressing for girls are the bestsellers. All the toys are fantastic, so you need to definitely buy one of them. The quality of toys is also very good.


  • The Pith toys available here are very distinct
  • The theater craft dolls look very cute, which are liked by many children

10. Attractive Plates


There are various plates in Assam which are made very artistically. The plates available in various designs look beautiful. One can easily identify the dishes of Assam as they have a distinct identity. A tourist should definitely go out there in the market and look for some of these plates. One will really find it difficult to make a choice for plates as all the plates look really wonderful.


  • The Tambul Leaf Plates in Assam are very popular and are purchased by many tourists
  • It feels really great when eating off these plates

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