Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Unexplored tourist destinations in Nagaland

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Nagaland happens to be a wonderful and fascinating state lying in the North East region of India. The diverse scattered culture in Nagaland looks really fantastic. The state has been gifted with fantastic natural beauty which has turned out to be an amazing destination for many of the tourists. There are many unexplored and wonderful places in Nagaland, which the tourists should definitely visit. Many of the tourists have visited this place and are stunned with its beauty. Let’s see some of the unexplored tourist destinations in Nagaland:

1. Kohima

The Kohima is the capital of Nagaland State and is one of the most developed cities of the state. Although, this city has developed, the scenic beauty of the city is still very amazing. The city also reflect the fine culture of the Nagaland state. The markets here are very colorful taking attention of many of the tourists coming here. The place was earlier known as kewhira.


  • The Kohima State Museum is popular place visited by many tourists
  • In remembrance of the soldiers who fought and died in second World War, a Kohima War Cemetery is been built

2. Japfu Peak

The Japfu Peak is one of the amazing peak located in the Nagaland state. This peak is full of the tall Rhododendron trees which looks very attractive. Many of the tourists are easily lured over thesis mesmerizing peak. This peak is indeed a nice destination for the trek loving people where they can enjoy the trekking. One gets to see amazing natural beauty in surrounding area as one moves to the top of the peak.


  • The Japfu Peak is the second highest peak in Nagaland
  • The Rhododendron trees found here are one of the tall trees found in the world

3. Mon

The Mon is an nice place to be visited in the Nagaland. This land is also called as the land of Konyak Nagas Mon, whose main occupation is the agriculture. This place gets one of the better harvest in the whole state. The “Aoleang Monyu” is one of the most colorful festival here, which the tourists should never miss. This place has very nice natural beauty.


  • Longwa is an interesting village here which shares the boundary with Myanmar
  • The Veda Peak is very popular peak in the Nagaland state

4. Dzukou Valley

The Dzukou Valley is a very fantastic place to be visited in the Nagaland. The panoramic view of these wonderful valleys stuns many of the tourists coming here. The Dzukou Valley is one of the hot destination for the trek loving people. The trekkers have some of the very adventurous and nice moments while travelling through this valleys. One can start the amazing journey to this valley through Viswema village.


  • The height of the Dzukou Valley is about 2438m
  • There are different types of flowers found in this valley

5. Khonoma Green Village

The Khonoma Green Village is a very cool place to visit in Nagaland. The Angami tribe are the main tribes of people residing here, who are mainly in the occupation of agriculture. The most interesting thing that attracts the tourists here is regarding the houses made with the natural means here, which is due to their concern for the natural environment. This is the most well-known village all over the Nagaland.


  • The Angami tribe was earlier into the practice of hunting
  • There are very rare restaurants in this village as most believe in eating home food

6. Mokokchung

The Mokochung is a very amazing places in the Nagaland. The place is located very nicely in the hilly areas engraved with the natural beauty. The morning sunrise looks very fantastic from this place. Many of the tourists really fall in love with this place. The new year celebration is done very gracefully here. Many of the tourists select this place for their new year celebration.


  • The “Ao” is one of the main tribe of people in Mokukchung
  • Chuchuyimlang village is an interesting place here, as many of the festivals are celebrated enthusiastically

7. Dimapur

The Dimapur is one of the best destination for the nature in the Nagaland. The land is filled with beautiful lush green valleys and many of the scenic beauty places. The tourists can see here places with awesome landscape beauties. The Dimapur Jain Temple is very interesting place which is visited by many of the tourists here. This place is really liked by many tourists.


  • The road conditions in Dimapur is comparatively better
  • The word Dimapur literally means “Dima” means great river and “pur” means city

8. Wokha

The Wokha festival is the very amazing place which is having beautiful lush green hills, swift flowing rivers and orchards which easily attracts the tourists. The colorful flowers really pleases the minds of the tourist coming here. The small hill stream falls in rains and winter looks very amazing, making many of the tourists a fabulous place to travel.


  • The dam locate in the Donyan river looks very wonderful
  • “Tokhu Emong Festival” is the very popular festival celebrated

9. Tuophema

The Tuophema is a very nice and silent place in the Nagaland which is becoming a better unexplored place for many tourist in Nagaland. The traditional clothing style and the thatched type of houses has taken attention of many of the tourists. The cultivation of terraced and Jhum cultivation is both practiced by the tourists here. This village has a very nice greenary which pleases the mind easily.


  • The Angami Sekrenyi is the most celebrated festival in Tuophema
  • The pigs are reared here for the religious and social purpose

10. Benreu

Beneru is a very wonderful village in the Nagaland, which has some of the very heart robbing scenarios. The lush green mountains here has made many of the people crazy. The location of village being in a hilly region, this has became a very hot destination for the trek loving people. Many of the trek loving people come here and have nice enjoyment.


  • The safari adventure is really a fantastic experience
  • There are many of the tribal group of people leaving

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