Travel India, Summer Destinations: 10 Best hotel deals in Gangtok

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Gangtok is one of the attractive places in North East India. The massive forests, waterfalls and awesome natural surrounding makes the tourists feel better here. The mild temperate climate has given a very pleasant environment . Whenever you are planning to have a tour in Sikkim, you would definitely look at some best deal hotels which can give better service and feel like home. There are many such hotels which can make the tourists feel better. Here we have a list of 10 best hotel deals in Gangtok:

1. Orange Village Resort

The Orange Village Resort is a wonderful resort in the Gangtok. It is located beautifully between the mountains where the scenic beauty can be easily seen by the guest staying here. The tourist feel very good here as the fresh air easily passes here. Apart from this the facilities and services given to the tourists are very nice here. The rooms here have very nice interior with the beautiful wood carvings.


  • The Orange Village Resort also has an attractive Orchid garden
  • The availability of international cuisines attracts many of the tourists

2. Hotel New Orchid

The Hotel New Orchid is a one of the wonderful hotel in Gangtok. This hotel has been one of the most cherished destination for many of the tourists coming from outside. The hotel is located at very convenient location where all the tourists locations can be visited easily.  The interior of the hotel is having a typical Sikkimese look.


  • Mt. Kanchenjunga can be viewed easily from the top position of this hotel
  • Many of the foreign tourist like staying in this hotel

3. Summit Norling Resort and Spa

The Summit Norling resort and Spa is a very luxurious and attractive hotels located in the Gangtok. The valley being very near to this hotel, the tourists can easily see the amazing views outside the hotel. The small waterfalls that are made inside the hotel, really calms the mind easily. The exemplary service given here, is liked by many guests.


  • The decoration inside the hotel looks fantastic with the use of bamboo groove
  • There is multi cuisine food served here which is liked by many tourists

4. Mayfair Spa Resort

The Mayfair Spa Resort is situated very beautifully between the lush green mountains, making any of the tourists feel better. The design itself of the hotel has made a splendid mark on the mind of many tourists. The natures view from all the sides makes the visitor feel very relaxed and enjoyable. The recreation rooms and the swimming pool are very wonderful here.


  • Lot of accolades has been won by this hotel due to its excellent service
  • Apart from this different social functions and get together also takes place in this hotel

5. Martam Village Resort

The Martam Village Resort is located at a very wonderful location, giving one of the best natural looks. One can have various delicious food here with variety of Indian dishes, Chinese dishes and various other types of dishes. The hotel also offers a library, where the guests can really go read the book of their choice.


  • There are total of 14 cottages with twin beds here
  • The parking is available freely here

6. Club Mahindra Royal Demazong Gangtok

The Club Mahindra Royal Demazong is an attractive hotel in the Gangtok which is located just 5 km from Bagdogra International Airport. The location of the hotel is in the foothills of mountains making the staying here very charming. One can get all the necessary amenities very luxuriously here. The magnificent view of the mountains from this hotel really pleases the tourists.


  • Every room in this hotel has the private sit outs for relaxing
  • This hotel serves one of the best local food for the tourists

7. Mansarovar Residency


The Mansarovar Residency in the Gangtok is located very nicely in the lush green forest area. The tourist staying here can experience nice cool and fresh air. The hotel gives very elegant services for the tourists coming here. The rooms are well maintained with a very spacious look. The tourists are very satisfied with the service of this hotel.


  • The Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport from this hotel
  • Different variety of food is been served in this hotel

8. Welcomheritage Denzong Regency

The WelcomHeritage Denzong Regency is one of the old hotel in the Gangtok. This hotel is spread across a wide area of about 10 acres of land. The natural environment here is very pleasing which really sets mood of any of the tourists coming here. The rooms are impressive too. Each of the rooms have very nicely located private balcony’s suited perfectly to have a cup of coffee.


  • The location of this hotel is around 6,000 feet high
  • This hotel is also a very nice destination for the honeymooners

9. Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel

The Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel is an very decent and alluring hotel. The service given in this hotel is pleasing, making each of the moment a memorable experience in this hotel. The balconies attached to each of the rooms gives a splendid view of the incredible mountains and the beauty of nature. The tourists are really impressed by the service of this hotel.


  • The hotel has Multi-cuisine food structure with very delicious taste
  • The Kanchenjunga peaks can be seen very nicely from a little top of this hotel

10. The Maplewood Resort

The Maplewood Resort is located very splendidly amidst the lush green mountains. One can really have a great day by listening the sweet chirping of the birds and having the view of panoramic natural beauty in morning. The hotel gives great priority in meeting the needs of the tourists. The decorative and spacious rooms are very pleasant. The tourists really have a satisfactory stay in this hotel.


  • The National Highway is very near from this hotel
  • The hotel has a very beautiful terrace which gives a very wonderful view of the nearby mountains

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