Travel India, Summer Destinations: 10 Incredible places to visit in Sikkim

view across lake gurudongmar, in summer months when the lake is not frozen

Image courtesy: soumyajit pramanick

Sikkim is the second smallest and the least populous state in India. The state lies in the North-East region of India. The state is well-known for the cultural heritage and has many naturally beautiful places. Many of the tourists are attracted towards Sikkim to enjoy the amazing beauty of the state. There are many places in Sikkim which can really calm your mind with its natural beauty places. Some of the places in Sikkim are very flooded with the tourists continuously. Let us look at some of the 10 popular tourist attractions in Sikkim:

1. Tsomgo Lake

The Tsmogo lake is located at high elevation. This lake cannot be visited easily by any person . One needs to have the permits to visit this lake, as this lake lake falls in a little restricted area. This lake is one of the most visited place by the tourists in the Sikkim. This is a glaciated lake, where most of its land is covered with the ice. This is an attractive place to visit.


  • This lake is also called as the “Changu Lake”
  • The lake is covered from all sides with the mountainous area

2. Nathula Pass

The Nathula Pass has got an importance strategically due to its location. The Nathula Pass connects the Bengal to the Lhasa which is the capital of Tibet. The tourist visit the Nathula Pass area in large numbers. Its picturesque valleys looks very amazing. The Nathula Pass place is also favorite of many of the hikers. The Nathu La pass had played an important role in the Sino-Indian trade.


  • The Nathula Pass can be visited by only Indian people
  • This place was once a part of the ancient “Silk Route”

3. Kanchendzonga National Park

The Kanchendzonga National Park is a wonderful National part in the Sikkim. The park is been situated on a vast area. The Kanchendzonga National Park consists of wide range of vegetation like maple, birch, fir, oaks, etc. Variety of trees can be easily found in this forest. This park is also home to many of the animals like snow leopard, musk deer, Clouded Leopard and many more. This is a very nice spot for the tourist where they can watch wonderful Biodiversity.


  • This park consists of small number of “Lepcha” tribal people
  • The UNESCO has included this place in the world heritage site

4. Yuksom

Yuksom is one of the old town located in the Sikkim. This is a very cool place which is blessed with nice natural beauty. The lush green forests in all directions really calms ones mind. The tourists coming here really feel very relaxed and they can have some of the nice moments here. The Tashi tenka, is a royal palace here which is really worth visiting.


  • The meaning of the word Yuksom is “meeting place of the three learned monks”
  • The “Bhutia” is the main tribal community people staying here

5. Khecheopalri Lake

The khecheopalri lake is an extremely attractive lake in the Sikkim. The name is derived from the word ‘Kha-chot-palri’ which literally means Lord Padmasambhava. This lake is sacred to both the Hindus and the Buddhists. It is believed that this is a wish full filling lake, which has drawn many of the tourists coming in the Sikkim. Its beautiful look has really made many of the tourists crazy.


  • The lake has an unusual feature, where you can hardly find any leaves floating on this lake as they are immediately picked up by the birds
  • This lake is locally named as Sho Dzo Sho, which means “Oh Lady, Sit Here”

6. Zuluk

Zuluk is an important place in the Sikkim due to its association with the silk route. This place is located at a little higher place. One can easily see the attractive nearby mountainous area as one goes to the top of the mountain. The place looks very beautiful, with some winding roads wrapped in the lush green forest.


  • The Thambi View Point is very interesting spot here which should be definitely visited by the tourists
  • There transit point for the Army people near the Chinese border is an interesting place

7. Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery is an interesting architecture to watch here. It was built in the 16th century. This monastery was destroyed a little in between, however it was rebuild again in the year 1959. This monastery is situated in a large area. The architectural beauty of this monastery simply stuns many of the tourists coming here. The rituals of the Karma Kagyu lineage is very interesting thing to watch here.


  • This is the largest monastery in the state
  • The college Karma Shri Nalanda Institute is very near from this monastery

8. Himalayan Zoological Park

The Himalayan Zoologiacal Park is located at the higher altitude. This park has a wide range of the faunal diversity. Different animal are fond here like Barking Deer, Large Indian Civets, Tibetan Wolfs, Red Panda, Snow Leopards, etc. Many of the tourists do visit the Himalayan Zoological Park. This Park is really a great amusement for the children.


  • Due to the location of this park at high altitude, this park is also called as ‘High-altitude zoo’
  • The Government of Sikkim has taken special efforts to preserve the park

9. Ravangla

Ravangla is a beautiful place situated in the the beautiful forest area. This Buddha park in the Ravangla is one of the main attraction of the tourists. Here one can see a huge statue of the Buddha, situated at a little height which can be easily viewed from all the sides. The very location of the Ravangla at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains has bestowed it with the very nice natural beauty.


  • Ravangla is situated between the Rangit valley and the Teesta valley
  • The view of the Mount Kanchenjunga looks very amazing from here

10. Namchi

The Namchi is a very amazing place situated in the mountains. This happens to be the nice place to relish the cup of coffee with your dear ones, as it is situated in the very fresh air location. The Lord Shiva statue in Siddhesvara Dhaam, is one of the main attractions of the tourists coming in Namchi. Every year many of the people from different location comes to Namchi to visit the religious places.


  • This place has won the  National Tourism Awards in the 2010–11 year
  • This place has a popular football stadium named Bhaichung stadium

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