Travel India: 10 Wonderful places you MUST visit in Bihar

Nalanda Buddhist University Ruins

Image Courtesy: Hideyuki KAMON.

Bihar is one of the states in India having significant cultural heritage. Bihar is located in the north side of India. The state is famous for different monuments and some of the attractive places. The well-known Ganga river flows through the Bihar making the land very fertile, which is favorable for the agricultural purpose. There are many of the places in Bihar which is visited by many of the tourists from around the world. Let us now see some of the 10 Best Places to visit in Bihar:

1. Nalanda University

Nalanda is one of the very old universities in the world, which was established in the 5th century AD. This university used to impart some of the very nice knowledge and education for the students studying here. The architecture of this university is very beautifully carved with the red rocks, lecture class, stupas and important place from the students point of view.


  • The students from all over the world used to come at the Nalanda University for studying
  • It is believed that Buddha himself was the teacher here

2. Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is one of the important places for the Buddhist pilgrimage. This is the place where the Buddha started meditating under the Bodhi tree and he got the enlightenment. The Mahabodhi Temple is the main attraction of the tourist coming here. There are also some of the other small Buddhist temples and monasteries. There are many people who visit here every year.


  • Mahabodhi temple is declared as the world heritage site by the UNESCO
  • The government of Bihar has provided special provisions for the tourists coming here

3. Buxar Fort

The Buxar fort is one of the ancient fort in the Bihar. The fort was used by the king of the Bhutan to protect the route which connects Tibet, India and Bhutan. The monks coming from the Tibet used to take the refugee in this fort. This fort has a nice construction with some nice carvings done of the walls. The steps built to climb this fort are also very attractive.


  • The Buxar fort is located at the height of about 867 meters above the sea level
  • This is also a very nice trekking spot for the trek loving people

4. Gaya

The Gaya is one of the main Hindu pilgrimage place in the Bihar. The Vishnupad temple is visited by many of the Hindus every year here. The Gaya area is surrounded by some of the hills like Brahmayoni, Ram-Shila, Shringa-Sthan, Mangla-Gauri and the other side is also surrounded by the river. This area is having very nice greenery which easily catches the tourists attention.


  • The ritual of the “Pinda Dan” is also done here
  • “Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary” is another worth seeing place here

5. Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall

The Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall is build in the memory of a famous Chinese traveler and scholar Hieun Tsang. He has learnt the yoga here under some of the expert guidance. This place is being visited by many of the tourists. The memorial is being built with some of the nice Chinese architectural design.


  • The Acharya Shil Bhadra has thought yoga to the Hieun Tsang
  • Many of the people visit this site every year to visit here

6. Rajgir

Rajgir is one of the attractive places in Bihar, where you can find the springs of water which is hot. Many of the tourists do come here and have some hot bath here. This area is well-known for Buddhism as well as Jainism. The green mountains here are really very attractive, which can easily mesmerize many of the tourists.


  • Brahmakud is one of the hottest spring in Rajgir
  • The word Rajgir is derived from the name “Rajgir hills” located here

7. Griddhakuta Peak

Griddhakuta is located at the great height. This peak is considered to be the sacred place for the Buddhists, as it is believed that the Buddha had given various sermons here. Here, you can find a naturally formed caves which looks very adventurous. Tourists do visit this place in large numbers. This peak being at bigger height , it is difficult to travel for old people and physically challenged people. However, the chairlift facilities have helped these people to go at the peak.


  • The Griddhakuta peak is also known as the “The Vulture Peak”, as their are many vultures here
  • It is believed that this place was one of the favorite retreat of Buddha

8. Navlakha Palace

The Navlakha Palace is attractive place in the Bihar, visited by many of the tourists. Maharaja Rameshwar Singh had built this palace in the 17th century. This palace was damaged heavily during the earthquake in the year 1934, which was never rebuilt again. However, it still remains the attraction of various tourists. The Durga temple situated here looks very amazing.


  • The hall of this palace is wonderful, where earlier music and dance performance used to happen here
  • This place is easily accessible through road and railway

9. Jalmandir Temple

The Jal Mandir is situated near the lake. The name Jal Mandir literally means the water temple. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Mahavira. The temple is believed to be built by the elder brother of the Mahavir, King Nandivardhan. Many of the followers of the Mahavir do visit this place every year. The tourists are also very amazed at seeing this attractive site.


  • It is one of the main temples in the Pawapuri area
  • It is believed that the foot prints of the Mahavir is deified here known as “Charan Paduka”

10. Sonepur Fair

The Sonepur fair is a very famous fair in the Bihar. The fair is beautifully held near the confluence of river Ganga and Gandak. This fair is held for fifteen days and is the largest cattle fair in whole Asia. Here, you can see various animals like elephants, bullocks, goats, etc. This place is heavily crowded as the people from all the nearby places do visit this place. This is really an attractive fair, which is visited by many of the tourists.


  • It is believed that the Chandragupta Maurya, use to buy horses and elephants from here
  • This places is visited by many people from across the Asia.

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