Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Places you MUST visit in Meghalaya

Landscape / Meghalaya / Laitmawsiang

Image courtesy: Rajesh Dutta

Meghalaya happens to be one of the very attractive destinations for different tourists coming from all over the world. Meghalaya is situated in the northeastern part of India. The dense forests, attractive scenery, awesome valleys and waterfalls have always made many the travelers crazy. During British empire, the British authorities used to call it the “Scotland of the East”. Such is this land being gifted by the natural beauty. There are many of the places in Meghalaya which are very wonderful and worth visiting. It will be interesting to watch such places in Meghalaya which are awesome to visit. Now let us see, some of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya:

1. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is a very well-known place all over India. For many years, this place was known as the wettest place in the world, as it receives rainfall throughout the year. However, now it is second wettest place just next to Mawsynram. This place has very wonderful landscape, with greenery seen all over. Many of the tourists really feel very relaxed when they visit this place.


  • The Seven Sister Falls is a very attractive site in the Cherrapunji
  • The word Cherrapunji is derived from the word “Sohra”, which later became to be proniunced as “Cherra” and finally to Cherrapunji

2. Laitlum Canyon

Laitlum Canyons is truly a very attractive tourists destinations, which has some of the really fantastic hilly areas. This seems to be the perfect destination for the trekking loving people, who can have some hearty touching experience. The hills with high altitude are beautiful. The sunrise and sunset scene is the most beautiful and attractive scene here.


  • It is advisable that you should have a proper travel guide, as the roads here are a little tricky
  • The Lwai Falls is an attractive spot here which is worth watching

3. Williamnagar

Williamnagar is a nice destination for the trek loving people. Here one can find some of the beautiful hilly area, lush green scenes which are very pleasant looking. The nature lovers do often come to this place to have glimpse of natural beauty. One can even see many of the different species of birds here. Many tourist like visiting this place occasionally.


  • Some of the interesting places to see in Williamnagar are Simsang River, Jadi Dare Park, Chibok Dare, etc.
  • The township is built in Williamnagar is very well-planned

4. Ialong Park

The Ialong Park is really worth visiting destination in the Meghalaya. One can find beautiful hills along with long flat patches of lands here. The swift flowing rivers looks so attractive that it easily soothes many of the tired minds. The Ialong Park is really very wonderful place in the Meghalaya. Tourists in large numbers do visit this place to have some enjoyable moments here.


  • The Meghalaya state government has taken various steps to preserve the natural environment here
  • The Myntdu River has very attractive meandering flow which is liked by many of the tourists

5. All Saints Church

The All Saints Church is very attractive place to visit in Meghalaya. The church has been designed and architecture in very attractive way, which can be easily liked by any of the person. The natural beauty around the Church is also very attractive, which can be easily liked by any of the person. The State Central Library is very near to this church where you can spend some of the peaceful moments.


  • This is the oldest church built during the British period, however it got damaged in 1897 and built again in the 1902 year
  • Many of the people having faith in the church visit here

6. Mawsmai Cave

If you want to enjoy the nature and thrill associated with it, then this is probably the perfect place to visit. The Mawsmai caves are very thrilling which takes the attention of many of the tourists here. There are some of the criss-cross narrow paths in this caves which gives very fantastic experience. One can even see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in the Mawsmai Caves, adding more attraction to this caves.


  • This cave is having only one entry point and one exit point
  • Many of the foreign tourists also comes to visit this wonderful caves

7. Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is one of the most visited places in the Meghalaya state. This lake is being formed by the reservoir formed due to the dam built here. This lake provides water to wide area of this region. This water looks like the Scottish water bodies. There are many of the water sports games in this lakes which has attracted the tourist here like boating, scooting, water cycling, kayaking, etc. The tourists have a very wonderful moments here.


  • The Umiam Lake looks a little different in summer season, as the water gets dried up here and the land can be seen
  • The rising population nearby the lake area is a thing of the concern near this lake

8. Balpakram National Park

If you like to have a view of the nature and some of the thrill, then Balpakram National Park is the nice place in Meghalaya. This national park is situated near the famous Garo hills. The wonderful gorges and the canyons looks really amazing. Different wildlife variety can be seen here with the animals like elephant, tiger, rhinoceros, Indian bison, etc. The tourists seem really very satisfied and happy whenever they visited this place.


  • Due to its panaromic view, this place is also known as  “abode of perpetual winds”
  • The rare “pitcher plant” is found in this place

9. Mawlynnong Village

The Mawlynnong village in the Meghalya is been one of the main attractions in Meghalya, as this village was voted as the cleanest village in India. Very rarely you will find some dust and dirt in the village. All the places in the village seems to be freshly made. The lush green vegetation easily mesmerizes any of the travelers coming here. The people can just have very relaxing moments here.


  • The Mawlynnong waterfall, is very fantastic and attracts many of the tourists here
  • You can find a large number of betel nuts in this region

10. Don Bosco Centre for Indigeneous Culture

The Don Bosco Centre in Meghalaya is an attractive place here. Here, one can find a wonderful library, where wide range of books can be found here. This library is very advantageous for the people who wanted to do research on some of the subject. The tourist seem visiting this place very often. The tourist also like to spend more hours in this place.


  • The Don Bosco Centre in Meghalaya also reflects many of the different cultural aspects of the North East India.
  • Each year the number of tourists visiting this place are increasing considerably

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