Travel India: 10 Places you MUST visit in Haryana

Window to Magic in stone

Image courtesy: Ian Brown

Haryana is the state in Northern India and it is located at the foothills of Aravalli (range of mountains). Haryana was once a part of state Punjab but in 1966 it became  separate state, surrounding New Delhi on 3 sides. The state is known for extravagant culture, historical places and religious spots. Chandigarh is the shared capital of two states: Haryana and Punjab which is itself one of the best tourism points. Here we are listing 10 best places to visit in Haryana:

1. Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is a precious city having great historical value. It is the land of famous mythological combat ‘Mahabharata’. Kurukshetra  is the place where pious ‘Bhagvat Gita’ was narrated by lord Krishna during the battle of Mahabharata. The city offers an unforgettable holy tourism depicting magnificent Indian elegancy and culture. Jyotisar, Brahmasrovar, Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple, Sheikh Chehli’s Tomb and Panorama Museum are some popular attractions in the city.


  • Kurukshetra is situated at banks of the holy River Saraswati and River Godavari
  • Famous Sannihit Sarovar is said to be the meeting point of seven tributaries of Saraswati River

2. Faridabad

Faridabad is an industrial as well as commercial hub of Haryana and is situated just 28 KMs from Delhi. The city is fenced by mesmerizing Aravalli Hills. There are loads of tourism attractions in this city but Surajkund Lake, Badkhal Lake and Dhauj Lake are some popular places that give a glimpse into the nature and let people take a break from their busy lives.


  • Suraj Kund Fair is a popular fair organized annually in Faridabad
  • Mughal Bridge, Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium and Aravalli Golf Course are other tourism attractions.

3. Gurugram (Gurgaon)

Gurgaon (now Gurugram) is second largest city in the state of Haryana and has great importance for industrial growth in India. The city is the hub of financial and tech world. The city is home to Kingdom Of Dreams which is believed to be India’s first live entertainment theatre. Sheesh Mahal, Mata Sheetla Devi Temple, Damdama Lake and Sultanpur National Park are best tourism points in Gurgaon.


  • Leisure Valley Park is one of the most visited places in the Gurgaon
  • Oysters Beach Water Park is the best amusement park in the city

4. Bhiwani

Bhiwani is an ideal location for religious tourism and the city is referred to as Mini Kashi because of plethora of devotional places for various Gods and Goddesses. Also the city is home to famous star monument, Fort of Loharu, Shyamesar Tank and trance of Todar Singh who was headman of Rajputs. Thus the city offers a great deal for family tourism.


  • Shyamesar Tank is surrounded by various temples and ghats
  • Bhiwani is Indian district in the state of Haryana

5. Hisar

The city of steel, Hisar is situated at a travel distance of around 65 KMs from Delhi. It is also known for automobile and textile industry but at the same time city has plethora of enchanted locations to explore. Asirgarh Fort, also known as Hansi Fort attracts people towards it. Tourists have great time exploring the locations like Firoz Shah Palace, Barsi Gate, British Palace and many more.


6. Morni Hills

Morni Hills is a beautiful Hill station in the state of Haryana that is an ideal getaway destination for the travelers that want to enjoy exotic nature scenes. This hill resort offers boating, trekking, rock climbing and hang gliding as well. These activities can turn your getaway into an adventurous trip. State government has established the Adventure Park too to boost tourism.


  • Morni Hills is a perfect picnic or one day trip destination
  • Gurudwara Nada Sahib is the popular religious place nearby Morni Hills

7. Rohtak

The city Rohtak is home to various sightseeing locations and getaway resorts. You can find semi-luxurious to high end accommodation and food  places in this city. Tilyar Lake is an exotic place surrounded with lots of greenery. Travelers can enjoy watching jackals, wolves, leopards and many more animals at Rohtak Zoo. City attracts tourists from all across India.


8.  Karnal

Karnal is a lovely city and is known as the “Rice Bowl of India”. It is popular for its lush green gardens. Karnal has historical significance because it is believed that the city was established by Karana- 6th brother of the Pandavas. There are plenty of sightseeing spots and religious spots. Karnal Lake is the most popular attraction among visitors.


  • The city has top research institutions such as IARI, NBAGR, CSSRI and many more.
  • The Atal Park in Karnal can give you a soothing experience to enjoy the nature

9. Panchkula

Panchkula is one of the well-planned cities in India and this city also holds the reputation of being satellite city of Chandigarh. It offers lush green environment and is housing thickest forest region of the state. Mansa Devi Temple, Cactus Garden, Chattbir Zoo and Ramgarh Fort are major tourist attractions in Panchkula. Pinjore Garden is popular destination in the city Pinjore that is merely 15 KMs from Panchkula.


  • Morni Hills is situated in Panchkula
  • Panchkula Cactus Garden is largest succulents garden in Asia

10. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of two states Punjab and Haryana. Also it holds reputation of being the best planned city of India. There are many exciting spots to explore. It is the hub of manicured gardens, beautiful lakes, high end malls, best local markets, museum and colonial architectural buildings. The tourists can enjoy amazing nightlife in the ‘City Beautiful’ as there is plethora of clubs and other party places.


  • Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake are the most popular places to explore in the City
  • Chandigarh is popular as ‘The City Beautiful’

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