Travel India: 10 Popular Local Dishes in Odisha

Pitha for Sankranti

Image courtesy: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

Odisha happens to be a well-known states in India. The state is situated in the East side of the Indian mainland. The Odisha is definitely a favorite destination  of many of the tourists. The Odisha is very rich in the culture. It will be very interesting to talk regarding the local dishes in the Odisha. There are many of the local dishes in the Odisha which are really very delicious and tasty. These dishes are really liked by many of the tourists visiting in the Odisha. Let’s now see some of the 10 Popular Local Dishes in Odisha :

1. Pithas

The Pithas are one of the very popular dishes in the Odisha. Most of the festivals in Odisha are celebrated with these delicious dishes. This dish is very sweet in the taste. Some of the varieties of the Pithas are Chittau Pitha, Enduri Pith and Chhena poda Pitha. These dishes are really very fantastic.The Pithas are also made of wheat flour and rice flour. These dishes are really very delicious and liked by many people.


  • The sweet pithas usually contains palm syrup, jaggery and sugar
  • These pithas also has various names like Chitau Pitha, Gaintha Godi, Karanji, Malpua and many more

2. Rice dishes and rotis

The rice dishes and rotis is common dish which is eaten in the Odisha. These dishes may seem a little usual kind of food. However, these dishes are having a varieties in it. The rotis made here are very soft and tasty, which tastes awesome with many of the vegetables. The rice is eaten either with the dal or curry. The other vegetables served with it simply increase the taste of the rice.


  • Many of the people have this dish in their daily meal
  • The cost of this dish very affordable in the resataurants in the Odisha

3. Curries

The curries happens to be a very nice tasty dishes in the Odisha. One can easily find many of the curry dishes in many of the restaurants in the Odisha. The are different kinds of curries found in the Odisha. The curries with the tamarind and raw mangoes, has a very nice tastes. Also, the curries made with the lobsters and prawns have a very good taste.


  • Many of the local people of Odisha like eating these curry dishes occasionally
  • Several other types of the curry dishes are Santula, Chaatu Rai, Alu Potala Rosa, Kadali Manju Rai, etc.

4. Khechadi

Khechadi happens to be a very awesome dish in the Odisha. This dish is made particularly with the rice an the lentils. This dish is also eaten on the occasions of the fast. It will be noteworthy to look that this dish is served in most of the regions of Odisha. Many of the tourist visiting the Odisha like eating this dish.


  • The Khechadi is offered as a prasada to the Jagannath temple to the Lord Jagannath
  • Various distinct flavors are added to the Khechadi to add different tastes

5. Dalma

Dalma is a well-known local dish in the Odisha. The dish is made with the vegetables and the toor dal or any other lentils. The vegetables included in this dish are banana stem, unripe banana, green papaya, pumpkin, drum sticks, etc. Then various types of spices are added in this dish, increasing the taste of this dish. This dish is really very beautiful and awesome.


  • Many of the people of Odisha have this dishes included in their daily meal
  • Former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, also included this dish in their house menu

6. Saaga

Saaga is another common dishes found in the daily meals of many of the people in Odisha. The green leaves are mainly used in the preparation of the Saaga. There are different types of Saaga dishes like koshala, khada,  gahama,  pita,  sajana, etc. The Saaga dish is very delicious dish, whose beautiful smell can really increase the appetite of many people.


  • The different types of Saaga dishes are Saaga bhaja, Saga baadi, Kosala saaga bhaja, etc.
  • Many of  the people in Odisha like eating different variety of Saaga

7. Machha besara

The Machha Besara is very nice dish eaten by many local people of Odisha. This dish is basically a fish dish. To make this dish one needs to have a Fish, Oil, Red chilli powder, Garlic, Mustard seeds, Onion, Potatoes, Tomatoes, etc. This dish has a very spicy taste and any fish loving eater will definitely like to eat it again and again. This dish can be seen mostly in the coastal and the nearby areas of the Odisha.


  • The fish used in this dish is usually Cat Fish or Rohu Fish
  • This dish is found in most of the restaurants in the Odisha

8. Fritters and fries

The Fritters and Fries are another type of dishes that have a very nice taste. There are different kinds of Fritters and Fries being eaten. However, in Odisha the most common Fries and Fritters eaten are the potato Fries and Fritters. The tourist are really fascinated to eat these fries here. The more crispy the Fritters and Fries, the more delicious they are in the taste.


  • One can use different types of sauces to eat with Fritters and Fries
  • Many of the foreign tourist mostly eat this dish here

9. Chungdi Malai

Chungdi Malai is a very nice and delicious dishes found mostly along the coastal regions of the Odisha. This dish basically includes prawns, coconut milk, various types of spices, etc. This dish has a great taste when eaten with the Basmati rice. The dishes are served in many of the restaurants. There are many people in the Odisha who like eating this dish at least in a weak.


  • This dish is also called as “Chingri Maach’er Malai Curry”.
  • This dish is vary common in many of the houses of Odisha

10. Malpua

Malpua is a very tasty dish found everywhere in the Odisha. This dish is just like a pancake which includes various ingredients like milk, crushed ripe bananas, cardamoms and  coconut. It is then fried and served. This dish is comparatively very easy to make, so the experts surely make these dishes tasty and also the new people can make these dishes tasty to a much extent.


  • This dish is served to the Lord Jagannath as a morning food
  • This dish is a very common local dish found in most of the regions

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