10 Travel Tips for Delhi


Image Courtesy: Sourav Das

The capital of the country of India, Delhi is a busy city that is proud of its fast-paced lifestyle, rich history, cultural diversity, and its technological advancements. An authentic Delhi experience offers a volume that might be hard to absorb for a first-time visitor. This post offers ten travel tips for Delhi that might make your journey, happy one.

1. Charity doesn’t begin in the streets

Beggars are a common sight on the streets of India. While it’s noble to offer money, it’s best that you don’t entertain them. Even though you may stick to an emotional premise and offer, it is important to stay practical and keep your money to yourself. You’ll also be attracting the other beggars close by as you offer one.


2. Explore and Escape

With so much to explore In the city, you should maintain a balance between exploration and escape. A key component of a happy journey to India is taking adequate rest. Before going about the city to  experience a new city, you can rest by reading books, listening to music, or watch a Bollywood movie.


3. Acclimatization

Delhi’s climate is generally hot and humid with temperatures around the 42 degree Celsius mark in the Summer. It cools down to a chilling 12-15 degrees Celsius range during the monsoon and further down in the winter. You might want to pack accordingly to enjoy an expedition to Delhi.


4. Keeping yourself clean

Delhi isn’t a clean city that is well known for its maintenance. More often than not, you’ll find waste dumped into random public places, water leakage, and dirty water bodies. In an environment like this, it is important to keep yourself clean, drink packaged drinking water, use a sanitizer.


5. Think with your stomach

When in Delhi, It is important to follow your stomach, quite literally. Delhi cuisine though diverse with lip-smacking foods requires acclimatization. The food is packed with flavors of the spices of India and even troubles the locals. As a tourist, it is recommended you experiment with your food choices very less.


6. Bargain your way

Typically, I would never stress about bargaining as most cities in India don’t cheat their foreign customers much. Delhi is an exception to that. Be it a local or an international tourist, the vendors are looking to exploit the customer to gain some extra profit. Bargain, if possible, to the half of the quoted price.


7. Take a Rickshaw

Even though you may find a cab ride comforting offering every bit of luxury, traffic in Delhi is one thing you can’t get past. Unless, you take a rickshaw, you’ll find yourself running late almost always. Rickshaw rides offer a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience that are fun and in a few cases, wild!


  • Rickshaws are the fastest and most efficient modes of transportation in Delhi
  • When in Delhi

8. The Republican Day Parade

If you’re traveling around January, make sure you stay for the Republic day parade. On August 26, India celebrates its Republic day. On this day, at the city’s Rashtrapati Bhavan, a parade is organized. The parade features the country’s Military, Army, Navy, and representatives of the culture of each state.


9. Don’t fret

In the list of busiest states, Delhi features at a high position with people keeping to their business unless the situation demands it. Usually this affects the tourism experience. However, it is very important to go with the flow and not get bogged down. Keep your travel plans open and flexible to enjoy it the most.


10. Know what to wear

Delhi being an urban city that has benefited from the suit-and-tie MNC culture, does not have any particular traditional dress outfit of its own. Most of the people living in Delhi wear casual comfort clothes. You’ll also find people wearing professional formal clothes for work. However, to avoid entertaining any advances, it is always recommended you avoid obscenity.


Delhi is a perfect blend of history and technology with sites of great historical significance that offer deep insight into the city’s origins. On the other hand, technology, industrialization, and MNC culture has taken over and occupied a fair share of the Delhi culture.

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