Travel India: 10 Best Places To Visit in Karnataka

Mysore Palace

Image courtesy: Ananth BS

Karnataka is one of the well-known states in the India. It is situated in the south-western region of India. Kannada is the most spoken language in Karnataka. This state is rich in culture, natural heritage and human resource. There are many places in Karnataka which have been attracting the tourists from all over. Some places has very good nature, some places are culturally rich. It will be interesting to watch the 10 Best Places To Visit in Karnataka. These places are really awesome and visited by many of the tourists every year. So let us now see some 10 Best Places To Visit in Karnataka:

1. Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra is a well-known waterfall in Karnataka. This waterfall is situated in the Mandya District. This waterfall is formed with several parallel flowing streams meeting at a point, which appears very beautiful. The name Shivanasamudra literally means Shiva’s Sea. This waterfall is formed near the banks of river Kaveri. There are several group of olden styled temples situated nearby this waterfall.


  • This waterfall is just 2-3 hours from cities of Bangalore and Mysore
  • The first  Hydro Etlectric Power station in Asia was set up in this location only

2. Gulbarga

Gulbarga district is situated in the north of Karnataka. Gulbarga was one of the important town on the Sultan regime in the 14th century. This city is also known as the Sufi cities, as many of the religious places situated here. The Khwaja Banda Nawaz Dargah is visited by many of the people every year. There are even some nice architectural forts built which are very nicely carved.


  • Gulbarga is officially called as Kalaburgi
  • The rivers like Krishna and Bhima flows through this place in eastword direction

3. Coorg

Coorg is one of the best hill stations in Karnataka. This place is also good for the agricultural products, where the coffee plantation is in large quantity. This place is rich in natural wealth and lots of varieties of trees can be found here. Many of the tourist visit this place and enjoy the beautiful tracking here. This place is also called the Scotland of Karnataka.


  • Native name of this place is “Kodagu”
  • There are some of the famous temples in the nearby areas which attracts the people very much

4. Nagarhole National Park

Nagahole National Park is a well-developed National Park in the Karnataka. This national park is near the Kodagu and Mysore place. This park has some awesome waterfalls, forest cover, streams, etc. which has greatly attracted many of the people visiting here. Many people enjoy the beautiful natural and have wonderful moments here. This is very nice national park.


  • UNESCO is considering to select this place as the World Heritage Site
  • The name of this place iderieved from naga which means snake and hole means streams

5. Jog Falls

Jog Falls is a very popular waterfalls in India and also outside India. This water fall looks very wonderful which can be easily liked by any person. This waterfall is formed due to the flow of the Sharavati river flow. An hydroelectric power station is also built on this waterfall where electricity is developed. This waterfall looks very attractive.


  • This waterfall is also called as “Geruoppe Falls”
  • The word Joga means “Falls”

6. Hampi

Hampi is a very beautiful place in Karnantaka. The place has a very beautifully built temples and buildings. The architectural design shows the excellence of the Vijayanagar empire construction work. The Virupaksha temple in the Hampi is very popular and many of the tourist come here to visit this temple. Many tourist visit here with their family and have a nice time in this place.


  • Hampi is declared as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO
  • This place is situated along the banks of the Tungabhadra river

7. Bijapur

Bijapur is another place in Karnataka which is very well-known. This place is having some of the beautiful historical monuments, built with some nice architecture. This city was established first by the Chalukys dynasty and after that it got under the Deccan Sultanate. This beautiful place is also blessed with the five flowing rivers through it. This is really an attractive place in the Bijapur.


  • The official name of Bijapur is “Vijayapura”
  • Narsimha temple in Bijapur is also very famous and many tourist visit this place

8. Mysore

Mysore is one of the most attractive place in Karnataka. There are some of the beautiful palaces, forts and natural environment, which easily attracts the attention of many of the tourists. This place is also well-known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. Mysore palace is the most visited place in the Mysore. The tourist really have some excellent moments in the Karnataka which they really cannot forget.

Information :

  • Mysore is officially now called as the “Mysusru”
  • Mysore is located at the base of Chamundi Hills

9. Mangalore

Mangalore is a very beautiful city situated along the western coast of Karnataka. This city is bounded in the west by the Arabian Sea, which has gifted Mangalore with some of the excellent beaches. Mangalore is also one of the major port city in India. This city is having some of the nice industries. The tourist visiting his place likes the wonderful beaches and delicious sea food here.


  • Mangalore is officially known as “Mangaluru”
  • The Manasa Amusement park is one of the well-known park in Mangalore

10. Bengaluru

Bengaluru (earlier know as Bangalore) is the well-known city in India and entire world. This city is also known everywhere as the silicon valley of India. This city is the biggest IT hub in India, as many of the big IT companies are operational here. Bengaluru is also the 3rd populous city in India. The city has always been attracting many of the tourists from all around. There are some of the big and beautiful garden here, which can really mesmerize anybody. This is the most visited place by the tourist in Karnataka.


  • Bangalore is officially known as “Bengaluru”
  • Bengaluru is one of the cleanest metro-politan city in whole India

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