Travel India: 10 Popular Local Dishes in Andaman


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Andaman is one of the very hot destination for the tourists in India.Many of the tourists visit this place every year and enjoy the very hot natural beauty of Andaman. There are many of the tourists spots that are visited by the tourists. However, there is another thing that many of the tourists like to enjoy i.e. Local Dishes of Andaman. There are many of the local dishes of Andaman which are really very awesome to taste. Here we will look at some of the 10 popular local dishes in Andaman. These dishes are very delicious and they are in great demand in Andaman.

1. Fish Curry

Fish Curry is a very nice dish from Andaman. This place being very near form the sea, one can get a lot of choices for the fish from here. It has a very nice and spicy taste. Seafood lovers should surely be trying this dish from the Andaman. Many of the tourist like to a taste this fish curry.


  • The Andaman Fish Curry is liked by many tourist
  • A well-presented dish is a specialty of fish curry here

2. Amritsari Kulcha

The Amritsari Kulcha is mouth watering dish from Andaman. It is stuffed with many of the tasty items like onion, coriander leaves, spices, etc. making it a very tasty and delicious dish. The size of the Amritsari Kulcha may change from restaurant to restaurant.However, many people like this dish.


  • This dish is originally from the Punjab region of India.
  • A single dish of Kulcha can fulfill the hunger of an individual to great extent

3. Chilli Curry

Chilli Curry is another delicious dish which is very common in the Andaman islands. This dish is a very hot and happening dish, filled with the onion, tomatoes and nice spices in it. Many of the foreign tourist has appreciated this delicious food from Andaman.


  • One can expect very spicy and less spicy choice of Chilli Cury here
  • Special cooks are appointed to make this hot dish

4. Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol is a mouth watering dish form Andaman, which is been liked by many of the people. This dish is basically very common in Bengal as it is originated from the Bengal. This dish consists of various items like fish, chilies, coriander seeds, turmeric powder and some other ingredients too.


  • Macher Jhol is a favorite dish of fish loving people in Bengal
  • The cost of this dish is very affordable

5. Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is a very delicious and hot dish, which is liked by many of the people. The local chicken dish in Andaman, is having its own identity. It’s a very tasty and well presented dish, which really attracts many of the people and can fill the appetite of many people.


  • Chicken Tikka is relatively costly in Andaman
  • Almost many of the restaurants offers this dish

6. South Indian food

This is another local dish in Andaman, which is well-known to many Indians and many of the parts of the world. It is said that South Indian food has not just limited to South of India. Truly, now this food has reached in all the parts of India. There are many of the restaurants in Andaman offering fabulous South Indian dishes.


  • South Indian food is very popular in Andaman
  • This food is also famous out of India

7. Prawns

Andaman been an island surrounded by sea, the seafood is very common here. So, prawns is another popular local dish from the Andaman. There are variety of prawn dishes here like the one with gravy, dry or with different rice. These prawn dishes are really very delicious attracting many of the people here.


  • There are variety of small to big sized prawns found in Andaman
  • Many foreign tourist are fascinated to have this dish

8. Chinese cuisine

Chinese dishes has known reached in every corner of India and is liked by many people. Even, Andaman has got many of the restaurant offering variety of Chinese dishes. These Chinese foods have made many of the tourists mad with their fabulous tastes. The Chinese dishes are very astonishing in taste.


  • Chinese Cuisine is a very favorite  dish of tourist in Andaman
  • Youngster’s are very attracted towards the Chinese dish here

9. Tandoori

Tandoori is a very popular dish in Andaman and India. Tandoori consists of roasted chicken which is well stuffed with spices and yogurt. This a very mouth watering dish for many of the chicken lovers. Many tourists in Andaman are extremely fond of this dish.


  • Tandoori is at very affordable cost in Andaman
  • Tandoori is also popular outside India, particularly in South Asia.

10. Chicken dishes

There are many chicken dishes popular in Andaman. Some of the famous chicken dishes are Murg Malaiwala, Chicken Chettinad, Chicken Lollipop, Butter Chicken and many more. All these various chicken dishes in Andaman are extremely delicious. The tourist should definitely try these dishes.


  • Popcorn Chicken is getting very popular in Andaman these days
  • Tourists in Andaman loves to have various chicken dishes here

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