Travel India: 10 Unknown Facts About Ajanta Ellora Caves


Image courtesy: Shriram Rajagopalan

The Ajanta-Ellora caves being one of the important tourist spots in India, there are many of the visitors visiting this place every year. The Ajanta Ellora caves has one of the excellent architectures and carvings in the world. The visitors are really delighted by visiting this place. Many of the visitors do have the curiosity regarding this place. So we have collected some of the facts regarding Ajanta-Ellora caves. Many of these facts are really surprising for many people. So let us look at some of the 10 unknown facts about Ajanta -Ellora caves:

1. Discovered by Army Officer

Ajanta Caves was unknown for many years. However, an Army officer had discovered these Ajanta caves, while he was on hunting expedition. The name of that Army officer was John Smith. He was a British officer from the Madras presidency in British India. The discovery of Ajanta Ellora caves was a great achievement.


  • This place was unknown to rest of the world
  • When this caves were discovered, it was covered with dense forest

2. Excavated between 2nd century and 6th century

Although this place was discovered in the 19th century. The place seems to be excavated earlier also. Tentatively this place may have been excavated between 2nd century and 6th century. The caves are very large and beautiful.


  • The rock cut images are really very wonderful
  • The earlier excavation may not have been completed

3. Made during Satavahana period

The Ajanta Ellora caves is believed to be made during the Satavahana period. The Satavahana period ruled mostly in the Deccan region. Their empire ruled between 271 BCE to 30 BCE. The Ajanta Ellora carvings is one of the landmarks during this regime.


  • The Satavahana Kingdom comprised major current states like Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
  • The Satavahana kingdom was the strongest kingdom in India in that times

4. Height of these caves is more than 70 meters

Generally, most of the different caves are not at big height, they are at lower height. However, the Ajanta Ellora caves are at comparatively more height which is around 70 meters from ground level. These caves appear very beautiful due to its location at nice height.


  • It is recommended that the tourist choose the bus service to visit Ajanta caves as they are at height level
  • These caves appear great from a long distance

5. Stupas were the objects of worship

The main objects of worship in the Ajanta caves were the beautifully designed stupas. The construction of the stupas were one of the excellent architecture of the Ajanta Caves. The pillars looks very great and awesome.


  • The well-designed worship place reflects the nice civilization of the society in those days
  • Stupas are one of the main source of attraction of the tourists

6. Glue was used as a binding material for painting

The paintings done on the Ajanta caves do get removed easily after some years. So the glues is being used in proper quantity to bind the painting materials. These glues are of very high quality used in the Ajanta caves.


  • The paintings used looks awesome on the Ajanta caves
  • The glues are very nice quality

7. One of the major tourist attraction in Maharashtra

The Ajanta caves is one of the greatest monuments of India. These Ajanta caves are really very awesome and has become the major tourist attraction in Maharashtra. Many of the people from around the Maharashtra do visit this place for tourism.


  • Maharashtra government has provided lot of facilities for the tourist in Ajanta Ellora caves
  • Ajanta Ellora caves is one of the most sophisticated tourist spot in Maharashtra

8. Archaeological Survey of India is taking care of these caves

Ajanta Ellora caves being one of the best tourist destination in India. The Archaeological Survey of India is taking care of these caves, making all the necessary provisions for the betterment of Ajanta Ellora caves. They have made available all the necessary provisions for the tourist of Ajanta Ellora caves


  • The Archaeological Survey of India is a very important department in India
  • Ajanta Ellora caves has been very nicely until now

9. The art is inspired by Buddhist religious art

The art work done in the Ajanta Ellora caves is very awesome. The art work done is particularly inspired by the Buddhist art. The art and paintings depict the stories of Jataka tales, which particularly shows the teachings of the Buddhist. The art work is very artistic and shows the wonderful sculptures.


  • The art work is highly appreciated by many of the people from all over the world
  • The Indian qualty of art in early days can be easily seen throw this

10. Declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO

The Ajanta Ellora caves being a great reflection of arts and architecture. The UNESCO  has declared the Ajanta Ellora caves as the World Heritage sites. This reflect how great and wonderful are these Ajanta Ellora caves. These caves are known all over the world.


  • The full form of UNESCO is United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The inclusion of Ajanta Ellora caves in the World Heritage sites has made these caves internationally popular

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  1. This post makes me want to travel to India so badly! An ex-colleague of mine took 6 months off to tour the country and I can definitely see it was absolutely justified 🙂 Thanks for your pictures and tips!


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