Travel India: 10 Popular Local Dishes in Madhya Pradesh

Papdi Chaat by Sonia Goyal

Image Courtesy: Soniya Goyal

Central state Madhya Pradesh is known as food heaven. Enchanted locations and delectable cuisines of the state perfectly sum up to give best experience to any traveller. Famous delicacies of Madhya Pradesh have always fascinated array of vegetarians and non vegetarian as well. To non vegetarians Bhopali cuisines have always been the first choice and vegetarians also have great options out there.

1. Bhutte Ka kees

It is most famous seasonal dish that was originated by the contribution of Marwari and Maharashtrian communities in Indore, MP. Bhutte Ka kees is a sweet spicy Grated Corn Snack garnished with coriander leaves and grated coconut. If you are in Indore, especially in winters then don’t forget to try this sensational snack.


2. Bhopali Gosht Korma

As the name implicates it is a special Bhopali mutton korma. Mutton is first boiled and then simmered in meat stock. Curd is used to make thick gravy for this dish along with other Indian spices. Garnished with ginger julienne and usually served with paratha or rice.


3. Seekh Kebabs

It is another popular Non Vegetarian delicacy of Madhya Pradesh and is quite common in Bhopal. As most of the Bhopali cuisines have Muslim influence and Seekh Kebabs are one of those contributions of Muslim community. Made with minced mutton and other Indian spices are must have item during any MP trip.


4. Indori Poha-Jalebi

Poha (flattened rice) is a savory dish that is served with popular indian sweet-jalebi, thus it is known as the extraordinary combo and is very commonly found in the homes and street markets in Indore, MP. It is mainly eaten as breakfast and is quite a unique cuisine to the city.


5. Khopra paties

It is also a famous Indori cuisine. Main ingredients of Khopra patties are potato and coconut. These are made with fried potato balls that are then stuffed with coconut and some other basic ingredients. This dish is commonly consumed as an evening snack served with tangy tamarind chutney and is also known as Coconut or aloo Patties.


6. Dal Bafla

Dal Bafla-another popular dish from MP that is commonly available in most of the regions in the state. Bafla is a wheat cake that is accompanied with dal. Rajasthani bati is a twin to MP Bafla, though the cooking method of bafla is quite different than the former. Baflas alone can also be eaten as snacks with tangy chutney.


7. Malpua

Malpua is one of the most famous dessert dishes in the central state. This dessert was originated in Bengal but here in MP it is made with some twists and innovations. Made with milk, flour, semolina and curd, the pancake shaped malpua is must have dessert during Indian festive season in entire MP.


8. Keema pulav

The non vegetarian dishes are way too common and famous in Bhopal region due to its Muslim and Mughlai influence. Keema pulav is another popular Non Vegetarian dish in Madhya Pradesh. It is prepared with minced lamb meat, basmati rice, spices and herbs, it is consumed mostly in Bhopal.


9. Garadu

Garadu is a root from potato family that is widely found in central India. It is a seasonal winter dish.  Fried Indori style gradus are commonly available in street markets in MP. It is  quick snack, just peel and cut garadus, then deep fry them. Sprinkle garadu masalalime juice and tasty Garadu chaat is ready to enjoy with family!


10. Khopra pak

Khopra pak is a wonderful sweet delicacy of Jabalpur. It is a lightly flavoured dessert made with coconut. Other ingredients- cardamom and saffron give it additional flavour. To bind these ingredients, thickened sweet milk (mawa) is the key ingredient that makes the dessert soft and yummier.


The delicacies in MP vary from region to region. But every region in the state has something unique and very delectable to offer to the all kinds of foodies.

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