Travel India: 10 Popular Local Dishes in Rajasthan

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Image Courtesy: Thomas Belcik

Rajasthani food was inspired from a history of kings and warriors with creatively designed recipes and flavorful ingredients that were plentiful. Any trademark Rajasthani dish is packed with flavors that bring out an essence that only Rajasthani food can.

1. Dal baati churma

This is Rajasthan’s signature dish. Its famous among all tourists and the locals, who love to make it for lunch or dinner. Baati the bread that requires least amount of water to cook and is eaten with lentil curry or dal.


2. Gatte ki Sabzi

As Rajasthan falls under a region where there is a constant lack of fresh water, a dish that doesn’t require fresh vegetables would be one of their specialty. Gatte ki sabzi is one such dish, made from gram flour dumplings and a tomato-buttermilk gravy.


3. Laal maans

Even with a majority of vegetarians in the Rajasthani population, their only non-vegetarian dish manages to impress most meat eaters. The dish uses red meat to cook a curry that has a trademark spicy sauce of green and red chilies.


4. Ghevar

A dessert that is offered as a perfect culmination to every meal is the ghevar. Made from flour, this dessert’s crunch packs a lot of sweetness. The nuts used in the ghevar add extra flavor when cooked with condensed milk. It is also available in different varieties.


5. Panchkuta

Comprising of five different, authentic ingredients that are available in plenitude in Rajasthan, the panchkuta is an energizing and satisfying dish. The five key ingredients of the dish are Ker, Sangri, Kumat, gunda, and dry red chillies.


6. Papad ki sabzi

This dish is one of the most innovative Rajasthani dishes out there. With no vegetables required, the dish features roasted lentil flatbread that are cooked with yogurt to form a gravy that features chilli, turmeric, coriander, and the key ingredient of gram flour.


7. Ker Sangri

One of the most popular Rajasthani dishes, Ker Sangri features two ingredients, Ker, a wild berry and Sangri, a long bean available widely across the state. These do not require a lot of water to cook and can be cooked well with oil or buttermilk. This made the dish a common feature among the locals.


8. Bajra roti and Lasun chutney

Bajra is a common feature in almost all Rajasthani foods. Flat bread made from Bajra is usually eaten with a vegetable curry in every meal. Traditionally, Bajra roti is accompanied with Lasun chutney, an intense garlic dip.


9. Raab

This is a dish that is made from the fermentation of millet flour and buttermilk. The thick broth is then cooked and served as a soup. Often, boiled corn kernels are added to the soup, then termed as ‘makki ki raab’.


10. Pyaaz ki Kachori

Onion kachori is enjoyed across Rajasthan as a snack that is eaten in the evenings. Plain flour breads are stuffed with a flavorful onion mixture. This is then fried for a little while and served hot with fresh coriander & mint chutney.


A majority of the Rajasthani recipes are influenced by the lack of fresh produce and water in the state. However, the Rajasthani’s developed innovative ways to tackle this and still make healthy, amazing food.

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  1. Such an awesome blog..I am an Rajsthani foodie person…Love to share and make different foods of rajasthan..i loved your Pyaz ki kachori recipe..I tried and came out with an yummy and tempting taste!!


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