Travel India: 10 Best Places to visit in Kerala

Kollam - Kerala Backwaters

Image Courtesy: Thangaraj Kumaravel

Kerala is a land that stems its beauty from mother nature. If nature were to embody a land, it would be the state of Kerala. With it’s beautiful beaches, bucolic landscape, and a rich cultural history that binds the residents together, Kerala never fails to mesmerize.

1. Munnar

The land where three rivers meet, Munnar is a place of immense historical value. The rivers Kundalay, Mudrapuzha, and Nallathanni add to the place’s aesthetic value. Home to various adventure sports like paragliding, trekking and rock climbing, Munnar is the ideal place to visit.


2. Kumarakom

A place of religious significance, Kottayam in Kumarakom is a tourist favorite place to unwind and relax their minds. The place is also a bird watcher’s paradise as a majority of the migratory birds nest here owing to the climate. It’s an amazing place for having a relaxed day.


3. Kerala Backwaters

If you are in Kerala, you cannot avoid cruising in a houseboat. Kerala’s backwaters, a series of canals that channel through the city offer an intimate and peaceful ambience for a good cruise spanning the city.


  • Dining, sleeping and toilet facilities are available in houseboats.
  • Kerala Houseboats

4. Thekkady

If you’re on a cruise and want to explore the wildlife in Kerala, Thekkady is the place to visit. The wildlife and diversity on display is amazing and rare including species of deer, elephants, tigers, and many more. There are also elephant rides that shuttle you in and out of the forest.


  • Trekking options available at Plantations and hill stations
  • Periyar River, Murikkady and Chellarkovil are attractions

5. Varkala Beach

The sight of the sun setting and an Ayurvedic Body massage at Varkala beach will be the highlight of your stay at Kerala. Part of most itineraries as a tourist favorite, the place is a great place to lose your stress and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the beach.


  • Ayurvedic massage is offered at the Beach
  • Swimming is allowed for adults

6. Chembra Peak

At an altitude of 6900 feet above sea level, Chembra Peak, near Meppadi town is the prime destination for adventure sports like trekking. The view the top is mesmerizing as you have forest land that covers a majority of the view.


  • Kozhikkode, Nilgiris and Malappuram are attractions
  • Wayanad falls nearby are extremely popular

7. Poovar Island

If you’re looking for a place that represents everything that Kerala stands for, Poovar Island of Kerala is the place to visit. With a delightful location that is connected through all seams i.e. lake, river and the sea, you can enjoy Kerala’s backwaters and its beaches, while sipping your favorite drink at Poovar Island.


  • Golden sands and Backwaters are tourist favorites
  • Famous for Ayurvedic massages

8. Kerala Kathakali Center

Dance is an important component of Indian culture. Kathkali is one dance form that appeals to most people of Kerala and is one of the best living evidences of Indian culture. This center has been the home for budding dancers who have gone on to represent the dance form to the world.


  • Various performances such as Kathakali, Classical music and dance, Kalaripayattu, the famous martial art form
  • Established in 1990

9. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

Located in a land of spiritual significance on the outskirts of Kochi, the Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple is the most famous temple in the state of Kerala drawing crowds from around the world. The temple’s premises are peaceful and can be used for various activities like meditation therapy etc.


  • People come to pray and get the blessings of Lord Rajarajeswari and Lord Badrakali.
  • Facilities for Meditation, Yoga are also arranged

10. Kovalam

If you are looking for a beach to spend your day, Kovalam should be one of your pitstops. Located sixteen kilometres away from the city of Trivandrum, Kovalam is one of the must-visit cities of Kerala. The three enchanting beaches, The Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and the third beach is Samudra.


The land of Kerala has to offer much more in exploration. Apart from these, there are many more unknown places that hide Kerala’s true beauty.

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