Travel India: 10 Best Houseboats in Kerala Backwaters

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Kerala’s backwaters are the perfect destination for living the fantasy of house-boating. The peaceful, tranquil nature of the lake, the slow movement of the boat, and the sounds of birds, all in the company of your loved ones is one of the best experiences of Kerala. Its paradise!

1. Angel Queen Houseboats

A popular service of Houseboats in Kerala, Angel Queen Houseboats is well-known for their excellent facilities, affordable rates, ad more importantly, the quality of service. Very few houseboats could compete with them as they have developed core competence in the hospitality industry.


2. Rainbow Cruises

As their name suggests, Rainbow Cruises, a houseboat tour company is all about giving its customers an enchanting experience of the Kerala’s backwaters. Rated as one of the best cruises, there is never a dull moment when you’re on one of the Rainbow Cruise. The houseboats are all equipped with needs and luxuries that guarantee a comfortable stay.


  • High-end luxury, low-end necessity packages are available
  • Rainbow Cruises

3. Johnson’s Eco Houseboats

Johnson’s is a unique Houseboat service that is reputed across the country for their good intentions behind offering the service. Even with a variety of Houseboat services on offer, this particular service has stood its place. Their houseboats are contributing to the environment as their foundation material is different. Their ‘riceboat’ is an example of their dedication to the environment.


4. Prasanthy Houseboats

One of the locals favorites, Prasanthy Houseboats are preferred by locals as well as the tourists. The staff greets every visitor with a smile and offers the best service to make you feel at home. The houseboat agency offers great rooms, amazing authentic food, and an essence of Kerala’s backwaters, all at affordable rates.


5. Aqua Castle Houseboats

Eco-Friendly houseboats are one of the highlights of the Aqua Castle Houseboat service. It stands in line of the very few services that make their boats using bamboos and palm leaves. Their stand against environmental waste is indicated with their policy not to dispose any sewage and other wastes into the lake. These wastes are recycled using special bio synthetic tanks. One of the best houseboat services in Kerala.


6. Nova Holidays Houseboats

With a service similar to that of Hotels, The Nova Holiday Houseboats feature all the comforts, furnished bedrooms, open lounges for family activities, living rooms, a hygienic kitchen, balcony for enjoying the view and much more. The staff members are friendly and are well trained in their hospitality.


7. Grandeur Houseboats

Sitting proudly at the top position of the best houseboat services in Kerala, Allepey’s Grandeur Houseboats offer the best in service and travel to its customers. They take pride in their excellent accommodation facilities, luxury boats, and one of the best in-service staff. They also have numerous pit-stops around to give the tourists a glimpse of Kerala’s culture


8. Punnamada Luxury Backwater resort

The Punnamada houseboat service has been one of the favorite for tourists as their service caters to their needs. The luxury boats offer excellent service including air-conditioned rooms to beat the heat. The food served on the boats is prepared by the best chefs in town.


9. Holiday Cruise houseboats

Luxurious as they come! The Holiday Cruise houseboat service offers a sun bath-deck, a lounge, an open area, excellent kitchen services, and air-conditioned rooms, all equipped with modern requirements with electricity and furnished interiors. You are offered a welcome drink upon arrival and from that point on, you are in for an amazing cruise!


10. Pournami Houseboats

Pournami Houseboats have been in the business since 2007. In these 10 years, they have established themselves in Alleppey and Kumarakom and are now listed amongst the best houseboat operators in the whole of Kerala. Their view point of Kerala’s backwaters is amazing and can mesmerize anyone on board.


Kerala’s backwaters offer the most authentic experience of serene, beautiful, clear waters. These houseboats offer the best service with all needs and requirements covered. Happy Journey!

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  1. Great info. The Kerala backwaters are very high on my bucket list. Can’t wait to make that dream a reality.


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