Travel India: 10 Things to Know about Kerala

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Image Courtesy: Thangaraj Kumaravel

The word Kerala translates to ‘land of coconuts’. The whole area of Kerala is covered with millions of coconut trees. With its breathtaking landscape, beautiful sand beaches, warm weather, serene backwaters, Kerala is truly god’s own country.

1. What to see

Kerala offers a complete package to any tourist or traveler. Not only are there deserted beaches for having a relaxed day, but also other attractions like night clubs, memorial architecture, and did we mention Backwaters yet?


2. Where to stay

Kerala’s backwaters are the best place to have a relaxing stay away from the stress of the world. The houseboats are equipped with all basic requirements and commodities. However, to enjoy the houseboat experience to the fullest, a strict rule of no electricity and no gadgets is recommended, with their own living room, kitchen and chef and even a Jacuzzi on top.


3. Something out of the ordinary

Apart from Houseboats, Kerala has other less conventional housing schemes. If not the backwaters, you can accommodate yourself on land with a fancy mansion in the premises of a tea plantation. Other options include, stay in the caves of Wayanad, a resort by he beach, or a tree house!


4. What to eat

Your palette would be the happiest it ever was with delicious south Indian food on offer. With a diversified menu available at all restaurants featuring classics as well as traditional dishes, food options in Kerala are plenty.


5. Typical day in food

Your day would start with a heavy breakfast featuring items like a dosa (rice crepe) with an assortment of chutneys/dips. This is followed by lunch and dinner that features majestic and traditional curries. An overall number of 24 different vegetarian dishes and a few seafood dishes are available all around the state almost entirely dominated by curries.


6. What to drink

Drinking your choice of spirit shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Being a state the tropical region, the land of Kerala features an extensive menu of juices, shakes, cocktails. Almost all kind of fruit drinks are available here for a cheap price and feature fruits like Pineapple, Mango, Pomegranate, Orange, and Watermelon.


7. How to get there

With two international airports, the land of Kerala can easily be reached without having to board indirect flights. The Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram airports are host to several international as well as domestic flights that treat their fliers well. Apart from the sky, you can reach Kerala either by a train or by bus, which takes longer but is more affordable.


8. When to go

An amazing climate is in store for you if you travel anytime between December and February in the calendar year. During the summer, which is from March to May, it could get hot and humid but extreme temperatures are not expected. If you are looking for travel in the Monsoon during August, you can expect cheaper rates for travel as well as for stay.


  • Mean temperatures 25.0–27.5 °C in the calendar year
  • The highest recorded temperature in Kerala is 41.9 °C

9. People of Kerala

Kerala treats it tourists well. It appreciates them and tries to ensure your comfort over theirs. They are warm and welcoming to their culture. However, as a tourist it is important not to disrespect their customs, social taboos like drinking or smoking in public, obscenity in your clothing, etc.


  • If you must smoke, hotels have private lobbies to do so
  • Same for alcohol, there are restaurants with permits to serve it

10. Is it safe?

Certain sections of tourists especially families are terrified to tour India. Considering the stories of horror in other states, it isn’t wrong to assume Kerala could have something similar. However, it does not. Kerala is a really well maintained and developed state. Literacy rate is nearly 100% and the healthcare standards are the best in India.


You’re bound to have a safe travel and a great time in Kerala. There’s a reason it is referred to as ‘God’s own country’!

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